Life on the Other Side

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Life on the Other Side

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:27 am

Sylvia Browne ISBN 0-7499-2182-X

I bought this book because someone commented that my own summary of life after death was very similar to Silvia's. Perhaps, I would say. She has a lot more detail than I have, yet in my view, less structure. But it is a good book.

She is a supporter of reincarnation, and her view of hell is I think less than credible. But, it's always intriguing to find a supporter of reincarnation accepting that there are dark places and dark entities. Because if karma is to be worked out on earth, it makes no sense that there are any dark places in the next realm. I think what we are seeing is the reality of the next realm is slowly causing the classic view of reincarnation to crumble. And in it's place we get these hybrid theories.

I was particularly sad to see her view of the seventh sphere, especially since, IMHO, that is the narrow path we must all negotiate. She does not currently plan to go there, but does say she might change her ideas. Methinks her TA is clashing with her spirit guide.
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