Spirit World and Spirit Life

This forum is a short description/review of spiritual books. Its not meant to be in-depth.
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Spirit World and Spirit Life

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:25 am

by Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser. 1922.

Now that I have read so much on the life after death, this is really a book I might have selected as a starter. The reason for that is I believe there is very little error in this book. And it does help if the first few books you read are accurate. This book is not one that portrays any philosophy of how the spirit world is organised. And is somewhat limited in explaining progression. But it does a really great job of trying to explain how they live, move, talk, what they do, what their houses are like, how they make music etc. The final chapter on the education of children is really good too. While we are never going to totally understand how things are in the spiritual realm until we get there, this book gets as close as any I have found.

One chapter I would have preferred to have seen left out, and that is the one on aliens. Not that I am a disbeliever in that topic, but as presented one gets the idea that Mars is covered with inhabited settlements. And seeing as we have had a pretty close look at Mars, that statement is preposterous. Other sources suggest all habitation on that planet is below the surface, and that may be the explanation. Pdf Copy here.
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