30 years among the dead.

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30 years among the dead.

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:22 am

By Carl A. Wickland. M.D. Published in 1974. ISBN 0-87877-025-9

This is long out of print, and can only be found at specialist secondhand booksellers. The price can be highish too.

There is no finer explanation of possession, obsession, spirit attachment and the existence of so called "devils" than this book. At one level it may seem repetitive, as spirit after spirit is introduced, insisting they are not dead, insisting perhaps that they have been reincarnated, or are simply trying to live as best they can. But at another level, this book is a wealth of information about the phenomenon often referred to as earthbound spirits. One can learn here how it is that some people can tear their hair out, bite themselves, and even commit murder or suicide. One learns of the vast number of people who pass over into almost total spiritual darkness, and are attracted to the only spiritual light they can see - other living mortals with a little more soul development. Originally published in 1924, and now out of print. If every Christian pastor read this book, not only would millions of folk be spared their arrival in the lowest of the spheres, but they would recognise that they are dead. And avoid obsessing others. How ironical is it that the very devils these pastors warn about are most often their very own spiritually blind followers? It is a very big book, some 350 pages of A4, and thus a large pdf.

I have now written a precis online - 30 Years among the Dead

I would not recommend this book, unless you are really interested in the phenomenon of attached spirit entities - obsession or possession. But there is a free pdf.

I am, so I was interested in all the stories, but even for me, it's too repetitive. But it is a salutary lesson in how stupid, ignorant, closed minded, arrogant and dogmatic the average earth bound is. They absolutely deny they are dead, complain they don't have the free will they used to, worry about why it's so dark, complain that someone has taken over "their" body, etc. They just don't get that they are dead, even though their mortal friends now ignore them, and they can't do things like open doors etc. But, even worse, many are absolutely against "spirits" and so dreadfully scared of the "dead" that they won't go near their deceased friends and relatives who are trying to tell them they are dead. All because we never get taught anything sensible about what happens after death.

What really amazed me is the possessing spirits who tear the hair out of their mortal hosts, because they believe "their" bodies should have short hair, or wear mens clothing. It's insane, but repeated time and time again. Most often when people seem to be trying to hurt themselves, it may be these foreign spirits trying to "evict" the real mortal. Insane?

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