How to see and read the Human Aura

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How to see and read the Human Aura

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:18 am

By Judith Collins. ISBN 0 85091 759 X

This is an Australian author. Fabulous book, but it soon becomes quite clear that when she says she can read the aura, she really means she can read the mind. It is quite amazing what she can see, and it becomes very clear that the mind and the aura are in-inextricably linked. Maybe they are the same thing.

It also becomes clear how sometimes folks seem to always choose partners that are really unsuitable, or have character defects that are obvious to all but that person. This seems to be because all is "visible" in the aura, and we do read this, intuitively, even though we may not realise it.

Also intriguing is how babies read auras while in the womb, and that is how they know their parents. In fact my son Andrew, just a minute out of the womb, and all alone on a trolley in a deserted corridor, looked at me when I approached him. Of course he could not see, but he could recognise my aura.
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