Ministry of Heaven, George Vale Owens: Sacraments

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Ministry of Heaven, George Vale Owens: Sacraments

Postby nzmagpie » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:27 am

Ive reached midaway through volume three in the series. I have seen described the energetic workings of heaven, which appear as amazing light shows and shape shifting. Up until now it has lacked doctrine, but the last wo chapters have changed things. The sacrament of the lood and ody of Christ and the The Sacrament of marriage. It has been thought provoking and prompted GC to ofer several editorial annotations. The first of these sacraments, as xescribed worried me and I lost sleep over it. The second, which focuses on the unity of the sexes, is quite appealing, though on a superficial level appears to ontradict the Padgett Messages. I liked the bit that said Christ had the perfect combination of male and female in his own being, whereas us lesser mortals confront our own "other gender" in marriage.

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Re: Ministry of Heaven, George Vale Owens: Sacraments

Postby Geoff » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:41 am

Yes there is within that book the orthodox beliefs of the medium. I asked spirit why he had failed to talk about Divine Love when he received information on those that live in (his) tenth sphere which we know as the Fifth. This is a sphere only inhabited by Divine Love spirits. The answer I got is that he simply was not open to this teaching. So it has limits. The limits of a medium unwilling to be taught by more advanced spirits.

I am really not sure what else you may have read, as perhaps that would settle you a bit?

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