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Universal Input

Postby Zara Borthwick » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:10 am

"The ability to remember is related with memory and how memory forms in its image, in the human brain and the spirit-mind in the spirit body and is the apex of personality survival."

Hi readers,

This is an excerpt from our recently published book titled, Universal Input.

The reason and purpose in writing this book was to delve into the mystery of how a human personality -- with all its attribute of memory, experience, identity, appearance and information -- survives death of the physical brain and body so that the identity of individuality retains its integrity so that when the human becomes a spirit, that individual can recognise and identify and know themselves as the person once having lived on earth. This is paramount for the personality to survive and for memory to be complete so that the full workings of the Law of Compensation and other Spirit Laws can take effect in the full harmony of God's Love and Spirit.

The vision of this extends into our experience of understanding that there is life on earth, and life in the mortal spirit world. Universal Input is concerned with the survival of human personality...the 'between' phase of differing environments. The question, "is there life after death?" is a genuine question. In our book, Universal Input, we extend this question by asking, "if there is life after death, then how does this life survive to become living in the mortal spirit world?"

If anyone likes a leading edge and to be at the forefront of investigation, ideas, vision in matters relating to Love and Spirit, then this book, Universal Input is exactly that! The Divine Love is included as is the spirit body and other themes relating with the Padgett material, and also our desire to work with our perceptions and experiences to make the invisible, visible!

Universal Input introduces the reader to real vision and workings of Love and Spirit that are universal and I welcome any further discussion on the material contained in this book :)

This book and other titles are available at Lulu and Amazon

With love,

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